Powerful, Extreme good for heat drying

The SunTec SM1301 High Temp. LGR Dehumidifier removes up to 135L of water per day in temps as high as 50C degree. No manual bypass and adjustment required during the operation.

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High Performance

  • 78 L/day water removal @ AHAM and up to 135 L/day @ Saturation.
  • Superior all temperature performance, performing extreme well between the 40 to 50 C range.

User Friendly

  • Well designed graphical user interface implemented into the touch pad control panel for easy operation.
  • Digital Humidity Control(25-80%RH) for flexible automation.
  • Loss of Power Protection with auto restart.
  • Fast Connector for easy connecting the condensate hose.
  • Filter Slot for easy access to the air filter.
  • Top Cabinet keep cable & hose neat and tidy when storage.

Environmental Friendly

  • R410A CFC free Refrigerant

Super maneuverability

  • Large Wheels for maximum mobility,even on stairs.
  • Handgrip at the bottom for easy loaded and removed from a van.

Robust Construction

  • Stainless steal casing, easy to dismantle.
  • Large non marking wheels

Low Maintenance

  • Careful compressor starting extends its life.

Water Removal Max (32°C/90%RH) 135L per day | 285 pts per day
Water Removal AHAM (27°C/60%RH) 78L per day | 165 pts per day
Water Removal (10°C/70%RH) 30L per day | 63 pts per day
Operating Temp. Range 1° - 51° C
Refrigerant (CFC Free) R410A
Power Consumption 220 ~ 240V 1500 Watt @ AHAM
Power 220 ~ 240V/50Hz 6.1 Amps @ AHAM
Rated Air Flow 800 m3/h
Control Panel Touch-pad with Humidistat Control
Defrost Type Hot-gas bypass
Protection Class IP 22
Noise Level 63 dB(A)
Air Filter HAF Filter
Housing Stainless Steel
Large Wheels Semi-pneumatic
Drain Hose Length 10m
Cable Length 8m
L X W X H 550 X 580 X 1030 mm
Use Weight 70 Kg