The first 3 days of having the dehumidifier in I pulled out over 100 ltrs of water from my house I was amazed at how different the house felt! The house felt lighter and warm and within a days of using the dehumidifier the damp musty smell had gone. Best 20Ltr on the market that is very energy efficient. and has a heater for laundry drying.

We are very impressed with the dehumidifier we purchased a few weeks ago. We have always had problems with mould, and that yucky house smell. We had spent money on underfloor ventilation and a fan, an air circulation system which we ran 24/7  and damp rid containers throughout our house whilst we gained minimal improvement, we did not rectify the moisture problem. This amounted to a considerable dollar figure.

Within 2 weeks of having the dehumidifier we have reduced the moisture in the house, the house smells fresh even with all the windows closed and our closed cupboards including the kitchen  smell terrific. What a change.  We have found it so simple to use , empty and move around our home. If we had purchased this unit first we would be thousands of dollars better off now.