Thank you so much Ewen it was such a pleasure doing business with you. You took the stress out of picking the right dehumidifier for my home and I got exactly what I wanted, a warm dry house. The next day after our first phone call, very impressed so easy to install and quite. They started working within hours of setting them up the humidity in my house read 89% and 9°c climate perfect for breeding  Mould and making my kids sick with a damp nasty coughs.

The first 3 days of having the dehumidifier in I pulled out over 100 lts of water from my house I was amazed at how different the house felt! The house felt lighter and warm and within a days of using the dehumidifier the damp musty smell had gone.

Thank you Ewen for helping with my mould night mare my kids don’t have anymore coughing at night and we all sleep so much better knowing the air we breath is better. After cleaning the house wall to wall i can be happy to know with less moisture in the air i won’t have to be cleaning mould away every month ! I put the dehumidifiers on in the morning and within a few hours I have the humidity at 50% and temp at 20•c huge difference and am now removing about 20 Lt a day. (which I then water my plants with)

Thank you for honouring my word and giving me the option of a payment plan I really appreciate it has been the best investment I have made for my family, how could you put a price on your children’s long term health. I will be recommending Moisture Masters to all my family, friends and people that live in cold climate damp area’s. Calling you was the best thing I could have ever done, there  needs to be more people in the world like you.

Thank you Ewen, my family breathes better because of you.